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Serious Headlight/Highbeam issue. HELP!

  • I have not changed the headlight values in visualsettings.dat. I even tried 3 different headlight texture mods in graphics.ytd.
    Regular headlights work just fine, the little blue circles on the ground are my high beams. What the hell is going on?! O.o

    0_1478494223261_GTA5 2016-10-28 13-16-14.png 0_1478494217447_GTA5 2016-10-28 13-16-27.png 0_1478494206940_GTA5 2016-10-28 13-16-33.png .

  • ALL Motorcycle headlights are little also, the TINY dot in front0_1478494779412_GTA5 2016-11-06 18-04-25.png of the bike is my light texture...

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