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Email Change Help

  • So, I've noticed that the email associated with my GTA5-Mods account varies based on what part of the website I am on. On the main website my account uses a different one than in the forums.

    I've also sent in a contact form regarding a name change, which I read a thread stating thats what I should have done. Its been three days, and I think this email issue may be preventing that contact form from going through. If this isn't the case, sorry for the inconvenience!


    @Karsen-Designs Hello.

    I don't see any contact form sent from your actual account. Please try sending it again, if necessary send it without being logged in into your account (is possible to send contact forms this way).
    The contact forms can take up to 30 days (max law time frame) to get taken care of by the site administrators.

    About the fact of using different emails for the main site and the forums, honestly I have no idea what could make this happen. Is it a problem for you that your account seems to be using 2 different emails for the main site and Forums?

  • I am unsure as to what the problem may be, but it could be the issue that is with the PFPs. My main website one doesn't transfer to the Forums. Maybe its just an issue, but I will try sending another contact form.


    @Karsen-Designs i've removed your screenshots from your reply so your email isnt plastered online for everyone to see

  • @Reacon Okay.

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