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Combined dlc's

  • Hey hoping someone can help me I just added all my dlc cars to one dlc file .... with completely off topic i was able to hold a total of 58 dlc cars before my game wouldnt let me add anymore so yes i did like 58 darn cars into one it tooks hours and it honestly works but how to i install all the car mods for every car i thought make a folder called vehiclemods and add all the car mods there but it didnt work does anyone know how to properly install all the car mods for the dlc vehicles would be greatly appreciated

  • You're making a lot of effort for little gain. I currently have over 240 dlcpacks in my game folder running with no issues.

    If you absolutely have to, all rpf directories need to be correctly named in the content.xml in the top level dlc folder. I suspect you have added the vehiclemods.rpf and not added it to the content file


    @Nugthug77 do not create multiple threads on the same subject, thank you

  • @ItsJustCurtis maybe ill check that

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