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  • Hi everyone, I'm posting on this forum because I've been trying to install cars on Gta V for 4 hours now, but I couldn't, I followed I don't know how many tutorials but still nothing, my game crashed during the loading of the single player mode and turns off by itself by putting me back on the Rockstar launcher, I installed the ScriptHookV, the ScriptHookVDotNet, I tried different mod menu (trainverV, MenyooSP)
    I have installed the ASI Loader, OpenIV.ASI and openCamera with OpenIV but my game still crashes I don't know how to do it please help me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post good day!

  • upppp

  • @FrYderS which gta 5 version are u using?
    Which gameconfig ?
    Edited the dlclist ?
    Heap and package adjuster installed ?

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