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Broblem with add on

  • Hello.I have 70 add on cars and when i put gameconfig for add on and when enter to game,in game i dont have any car or mk2 weaphon,so there is no dlcs.Can somebody help me to solve this pls?
    I have 1.54 version

  • @Ognjen_12345
    Sounds like an issue with 'dlclist.xml'. Diagnose or at least rule it out with this tut.
    Alternatively, upload your 'dlclist.xml' to Mediafire or some such & share the link & I'll check it for you :thumbsup:

    As for the 'gameconfig.xml', make sure you are using a version that was designed for v1.54, not an earlier version of the game.

  • Well bro i founded problem,that was in add on car,so i fixed,thanks bro

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