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Drivable yacht

  • Drivable yacht add-on, don't work anymore?

    I need this or something similar, should be a vehicle, exist?

    I want to call it with mission maker.

  • @alebal can provide the link to which vehicle mod you are referring to ?

  • vehicles/drivable-yacht-iv-addon

    (stipid askimet say it's spam... you have to add the domain)

  • @alebal google the same u will find it on the internet.

  • I always find the same, in older versions.

    I start to think that there is something wrong with the files or the instructions ... I did everything right, added and replaced the right files, but my gta crashes on startup ...

    So in my opinion either there is something wrong with the files or the instructions.

    But I also see a lot of comments from people who have installed it and are delighted with it ... so somehow it has to work ...

    I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with the zip.

    Can anyone who managed to install it tell us how he did it?

  • @alebal Hi, I found one with google search. Instead of replacing in-game vehicle, install a addon mod boat mod and replace the files by renaming the yatch in add-on vehicle name and edit the handling. I spawned and worked just fine. Try it once !!!

  • I really like it... but you really have to explain better... cause i realy understand nothing of what i have to do...:anguished: :disappointed_relieved: :confounded: :astonished: :confused: :cry: :dizzy_face: :cold_sweat: :disappointed: :drooling_face: please... :pray:

  • @alebal contact me via msg or add me in discord Yogesh#4013 . Will go through everything easily.

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