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Rocco TBOGT Port WIP

  • So with the help of Midsummer Liberty City (The Guy that made the Packie mod) I was finally able to learn ZM3 and port over Rocco's head from TBOGT, only the cutscene head looks good and it even animates the ingame head has some work to do on it and tbh I'm not sure where to start lol If you guys would be cool with it I might just release the cutscene model on the ig slot meaning no face anims but it will be his TBOGT head alt text alt text So yeah really happy that he could help me with learning all of this it's not even that complicated the hardest part would probably be the weight paint lol I wanna port his outfits too but I wanna try and get his IG head looking good, if not like I said I'll just use the csb one for both

  • alt text Just some proof it's his TBOGT head his V head isn't shaped like this lol

  • alt text Added his jacket, still needs work around his hands tho

  • alt text Re-did his jacket looks a lot better now (Ignore the no head thing it's being worked on lol)

  • alt text alt text My man Midsummer pulled through and cleaned my weights for me also cleaned the splice, need to do a CS Version of his IV outfit and It's good, The dream is here folks Rocco from TBOGT in GTA V!

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