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How do you edit skin textures in GTA V?

  • Since I am a GTA SA Modder, from GTAInside doing Minecraft Skins,
    How do you edit their texture, using a software?
    i want to make a first GTA V Minecraft Skin Mod

    (coz i know how to change skin texture in GTA SA but not GTA V)

  • @MagmaPlaysGTA Hi, you will need .dds plugin for Photoshop or GIMP (google it), because in GTA 5 there are .dds textures. Overall its very easy, just use OpenIV and find some .ydd (texture dictionary), open it, extract texture you wanna edit.. make your magic in photoshop.. and save it as DXT1 or DXT5 (depends on default texture) with mipmaps . DXT1 is without alpha channel and DXT5 is with it. Also is good to know that .dds is originally compressed texture, so you will notice some artifacts. You can save it as A8R8G8B8 (without artifacts) which is not compressed, but texture size it too much.. i dont recommend that. Anyway here https://www.buckarooshangar.com/flightgear/tut_dds.html is good article about .dds textures.. i recommend that for beginners..

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