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Worrying trend... or is it just me?

  • I've seen a couple of mods now that seem to be encouraging users away from this site to the modder's own website (or elsewhere) for updates and releases. I'm not going to highlight them as there may be more to it that what I have seen... so I'm just considering a generalised situation.

    But I'm just wondering what the general consensus is about that? To me it seems like this site is being used as a marketing tool, which I feel is a bit unfair to this site. I think if you're going to host threads on here, use this site's resources and interact with this site's users, then the least you can do is host the files on here too. I mean, you wouldn't go into Tesco (big UK supermarket) and stand with a sign saying "Come to Joe's for your exclusive deals".

    Or as the title suggests... is it just me that is worried by this? :worried: Or is it in fact a blessing if it happens, as it will lessen the load on the site's bandwidth usage?

  • I understand the need for it, as it may allow some users to generate their own revenues through advertisements to help support their modding hobby, but I think nine times out of ten it's not really successful. I give people a chance with it, allowing them to put links to their site in their profile and description, in order to support the community. I have stopped allowing users to link to their personal sites through the main download button, as I can't guarantee the experience or security of their website, so if they want a page on 5mods, they'll have to upload some version of their mod.

  • @LeeC2202 well, they can try all they want, but Its a headache, keeping up a personal Website for releases and updates. and for Modders like me, this website is the Perfect launch pad. for launching Mods. But everyone has their own Game, own way. can't force others ey.

  • @rappo I can understand that, and it's a very considerate approach you have towards the users. It just feels a little unsavoury when I see posts saying that future updates of a mod will only appear on that modder's site. Especially when it's a forum post and not just a link in a profile...

    Maybe being such an old git has left me with outdated principles regarding loyalty and courtesy. :) I've always gone by philosophies of "Don't bite the hand that feeds you etc...".

  • @LeeC2202 nah. i feel you. and Respect man. People who live by principals are the Real people. but what can we do. their mods their decision. down-vote/dis-like the act as well.

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