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Add-on cars started to disappear from garage (Story mode)

  • Hey there!
    A few days ago I faced a weird glitch. Cars that are add-ons are disappearing from garage. I mean, I bring any added-on car to the garage, I save my game and then I quit the game. I launch it again, load my save and there is no car in the garage. I tried it in Michael's place or Trevor's it doesn't matter.

    I haven't done any changes or mods to the game recently. The glitch just came out of nowhere a few days ago. Standard cars are saved in the garage just fine.

    Any advice, guys?

  • if you have a trainer and it comes with a save vehicle option, just use that. i use Simple Trainer and i can load my saved cars in front of me or at the location i saved them at

  • Or use a garage/persistence script quick info tho don't save to many cars at once with a persistence script your game gonna crash. I'm having 20 cars atm works great.


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