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Save modded cars in Franklin's Mega Garage

  • Hi,
    I've recently download and install the mod Franklin's Mega Garage, and some cars. The mod is working perfectly but i was asking how can i save modded cars in the garage ? I want to have it in the garage when i spawn in the game. Is it possible ? I'm using Menyoo.
    Thanks people.

  • i don't use menyoo so i'm not sure if there is a "save vehicle" option or something along those lines but if there is, use that

  • @drlq99 thanks for response, finally i've found how to save cars, but now, when i load the garage, with all cars into, the road litterally disappear and the game is crashing, maybe to much entity in the game ? Or too high graphism ?

  • @Centenar_io it depends on the cars to if they are to big in file size (polygons) then the game will crash often when there is to much


  • First park your car in the garage, press f8, go to object spooner, and turn on spooner mode. Then take the marker at your car, press the up arrow. Now your car is saved to the entity database. Now go to object spooner, manage saved files, and click save database to file. You must enter a name, for your file, and a reference spot. Now, everytime you restart your game, go to object spooner, manage saved files and load the file you saved. I hope it would help.

    If your game is crashing, install heap adjuster and packfilelimitadjuster.

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