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Is the community nearly dead?

  • No offense to the uploaders, but if I see another MP clothing item I'm gonna scream. Lol. But seriously, at one point we got amazing scripts, peds, cars (which are still here) Gamconfigs etc. Everyday. But now the community seems a bit dried up. It seems like most of the modders are moving their stuff to Patreon. Or maybe people have finally moved on from a game that has been around since 2013. I dunno. Just a little rant.

    By the way, I have some more models to upload as soon as I get some free time. Things have been a bit hectic.

  • @Darth-Elgor
    I personally lose interest after a few 1 star ratings saying "ur mod dont work" and then nothing else. Hard to stay motivated when you spend so much time on something just for it to get shitted on because of user error. Then if you want it fixed you have to report it which takes time and it just turns into a hassle really. I also feel like I see more FiveM stuff nowadays so maybe that's why.

  • @IAmJFry
    Darth Elgor less than a minute from now

    Yeah, I just noticed it's the same type of uploads everyday. It's getting a little dull. That's not to shit on the creators, because a lot of them are great. I just feel it's shrinking a bit

  • Tbh most of the mp clothing mods are just to advertise their discord servers where they sell stuff (at least that's what I think, some people recently made accounts just to post one clothing item and linked their discord servers)

    It would have been more appreciated if the majority of clothing mods wasn't awful sims ports or overall people put more quality into it, there's so much clothing mods i seen which legit look bad and i don't know why people even make or hell, buy them with real money, i really can't buy a fake clothing item with real money because it makes no sense, I'd rather buy something IRL to wear not for my virtual character, otherwise it's just waste of money, especially with some weird-ass models

    Also it's funny how some discord servers for those clothing mods are pretty dead (no new clothing is being made) yet they keep advertising other servers, i guess they got paid a good money for it which makes the people running those servers even lamer tbh

  • @IAmJFry
    I'm not a modder by any stretch but I can totally emphasize with you. If I had any bit of the talent you guys have to put in spare time to create and all have some entitled idiot negatively criticize my work because they don't know what they are doing Id lose interest in modding here too. It ruins it for the remaining people with some intellect and know how to read install instructions.
    I Personally can't blame creators who go Patreon. It is a form of "E-Begging" but if they invest enough of their time and have quality mods, why not? Don't get me wrong there is nothing better than free mods but if you can make a living off of your talent you can't hate either. This isn't praising cash grabs however, or the lazy authors who make one mod and milk it afterwards. Or creators who take advantage of their "supporters" trust me there are there are many. But if you create quality and give consistent support I think you deserve to be able to sell your mods. You would then bring in people who actually respect the creator and the work.

  • @DugiHowser I agree, I actually support some of them on Patreon. I believe a great many of them do fantastic work, and should be compensated for their time and effort. But it's clear the past few months there has been a huge decline on this site. I'm not saying this to crap on any of the creators. I respect them, but I just noticed a lack of variety, and frequency of uploads. And yeah, I know, complaining on a free site is a bit silly, but it's just a rant. I like this community.

  • @Darth-Elgor I feel you. I only started using this site and mods a few months ago and may have not noticed the decline like you have. I did however, see many abandoned and outdated mods which I see why after reading the comments :rofl: Jokes aside, there is a lot of good mods here that I wish the creators could give them some love again and or, at the very least release the source code so someone else can.


    The most common problem is that FiveM is taking a big part of the modding community to it. Or if I'm more accurate, the modding community for SP decreased at the same time that the FiveM increased due to its popularity but for different reasons. While this can be a good thing for FiveM people, it's the opposite for Singleplayer users like us.

    Why? :point_down_tone1:
    :one: FiveM mods tend to lack quality, variety and optimization. Is way worse than with SP mods even though it is a common problem there aswell.
    :two: FiveM mods are easy to install for FiveM but Singleplayer uses a different and more complex installation process depending on the mod type. That's mostly why we always have to ask mod uploaders to don't upload FiveM-only mods in this platform (which they do more frequently than we would like to... :sweat:) and/or adapt their mods to work with Singleplayer aswell.

    If we add the fact that some good mod creators switched to platforms like Patreon and some of them also do FiveM-only mods (God save us from FiveM-only paid mods... what a dissaster and waste would that be for our game performance and budget), the situation is even worse.

    Is the community dead?
    No, at all. But it's turning into a mix between SP and FiveM mods which decreases the quality and variety of the uploads of both. That's a lose-lose for the whole community.

    What do I expect to happen in the future:
    GTA V E&E getting released for PC. This would mean that all the current mods for both SP and FiveM won't work, none of them would. The modding community would need to switch and start modding the new GTA engine and probably the first community to get success (quality) in that would still be the Singleplayer one.

  • @Reyser GTA V E&E?


    Personal opinion, don't pay attention to the moderator thingy next to my name.

    Yeah, I do think GTA V (SP) modding is declining. I don't think it will completely die, as this is a very popular game, which is decently documented at this point. From looking around scripting peers (though, honestly, I mostly kept to myself with my car/vehicle scripts), people just lose interest. A part has moved on to Red Dead Redemption 2 (newer version of the engine), a part has moved on to FiveM and a small part has gone Patreon-exclusive, with the rest probably moving on with better/more important things in life. You can't expect a mod developer to stay engaged with a single game for years and years on end ;)

    Another part - again, personal opinion - is there being no real "stable" platform for "the" community. Let's look at how scattered things are:

    • GTA5-Mods.com - you are here.
      • There's the frontpage, and the comments on uploads are pretty active still.
      • There is however very little connection with the forums, which I feel are pretty dead aside from support questions.
      • There's also a Discord that's impossible to find. Having those three more integrated would probably be nice.
      • As for the creator side, yeah, things have dried up, but most things have already matured. Pretty much everything (easily) achievable has been made. I do not think I know of any other game that has such a wide variety of things added by mods. Of course, we don't have gems like Assetto Corsa's Custom Shader Patch, but you can't have everything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
      • I think having a more active general platform/website/community development would have lenghtened the lifetime of it all though, but that's just a feeling.
    • GTAForums.com - with GTAGarage, which used to be the place to upload mods and discuss them. Sadly, the V section has completely dried up and no attention has been made to have GTAGarage host GTA V mods. I think most of it has moved to GTA5-Mods.com - with two competing forums, one ends up winning.
    • FiveM - Has grown to be massive, with lots of communities and custom mods. The work they did on the game itself is quite amazing, and there's plenty of room to grow. Intermingling with other communities rarely happens though, with most of my interactions being people asking "pls port to fivem server" for my SP scripts...
    • RPH/LSPDFR - These guys in their SP police-RP seem to be doing their own (also pretty great) things. The community is rather isolated (from other SP mods), it seems.
    • Discord - There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of GTA-related Discord servers. Interaction between them - pretty low, I guess. I'm only in a few, so I wouldn't really know. Also, it's easy to contribute to the problem if you just have a "you" Discord server :see_no_evil:
    • Patreon - With mods like NVE literally taking off :rocket: :rocket: it's awesome for their creators to finally see a net positive from modding, but overall a net negative for modding, as the content and information from especially Patreon (and attached Discord) communities rarely gets shared publicly.

    I really think "we" could've done a better job keeping most of it together though, as a few still-active authors have distanced themselves from this website due to disagreements, but also that no "better" platform was offered overall.

    Oh well, back to Visual Studio to implement features nobody really cares about 🥲

  • @ikt was jij geen mod ofzo op gtaforum.nl een jaartje of 12 geleden? :P

    @topic: if I had to guess, most people moved on to other games or like ikt said, FiveM. Maybe when something big related to GTA V happens (E&E comes to mind) people will return? God knows.


    @Rstein or Joost!

  • @ReNNie Probably after my time on gtaforum.nl, I got banned in 2008 or so and I don't remember much about that time aside from it being mega cringe. (I was 10 back then, go figure)


    Nah, made it to Superlid and then slacked off.

  • Yes it very much is. I don't care what anyone else says.

  • @Brukanator which is a shame because the game is still very much alive and relevant and has endless possibilities of customization through mods and scripting. I would say the community spirit is what died - why help others when you can try to peddle crap on patreon for $.

    Not to mention anyone new to modding, who looks at the player mods as an example, and sees purple wings for MP, or chain for MP female, or new hairstyle, or t-shirt will be completely disillusioned and leave immediately.

    Why would you want to participate in modding when the mods section is now 99% total utter crap.

  • @JohnFromGWN I remember that True Realistic Driving V mod by any333, and it made me more excited for the future of modding in this game, with one step towards making it even more immersive. But now that mod has been halted and the creator has gone dark. There are still a few good mods that are still being updated and released, like the manual transmission mod, but those are extremely rare now.

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