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[SCRIPT] Bus driver mod!

  • Having work bus driver can be entertaining and very satisfying.

    Standards compliance:

    • Each customer must pay 2 dollars for access to transportation ($ 2 for 25 stops).

    • Must have stops throughout the city (including remote villages). They must be positioned in the most striking manner.

    • If the subject does not pay the driver (Franklin, Michael, etc.), automatically Patrol nearest police will head to your position (if the subject is on the run but pay your debt the police back to the police station, in the case page that no debt will be arrested or killed).*

    • The location of the bus station depends on the most appropriate way of modder

    • Every day a different route will be marked to other stops.

    • The file format depends on the modder (e.j: dll, lua).

    • For now, do not mod me anything happens.

    • If anyone can create it'd really appreciate it

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