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Mods downloading as firework Rar files

  • Hi,

    so when i am trying to download mods for gta, i click the button that says download, then i get a pop up which says open with Firefox or save.

    if i click open, i get a blank window, and if i click save, its got the fireworks logo and saves as a .rar file, which cant be found by OpenIV.

    any help would be much appreciatied, thank you

  • @Mullac You have to extract .rar file first. Right click on it and Extract to...

  • ahhh ok, thank you, do you know what i have to extract it to?

  • You have to have Winrar installed on your PC to view and extract these files. You then can make a new folder and put GTA V mods there and when you open up OpenIV you can go to that folder and install or drag the files you want to mod into the mods folder.

  • @Mullac
    Use something like 7Zip which is free. You use 7Zip to open or extract the .rar like you would a .zip file. 7Zip does .zip and way more.

  • @IAmJFry

    thank you so much

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