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Vehicle interior color does not change in game after exporting .yft file by Zmodeler

  • Hello!

    So the problem is that after you export the car mod via Zmodeler you are unable to change the interior colors in game via trainer. It stays at it's base color. I though that it is related to model editing.
    So I imported the model (where the interior color change was working in game) and then saved it again without any editing, loaded the game and the result is the same, interior color does not change at all.

    I did not changed any shaders or textures at all in model materials so I'm getting lost tat that point.

    What parameters should I change in model settings before exporting it by Zmod to get interior color change later in game?

    Best regards.

  • I am brand new to ZModeler 3 and have a similar problem once I export the _hi.yft file to the game I lose the previous interior texture colors, mines is all white?? I could be wrong but I think I imported all the textures. I also tried the different export options too. If any experts can shed light on this I would really appreciate it thanks.

  • @PijanyWalcarz @gtavjamal make sure the name of the interior material in the material browser has "[PAINT:6]" at the back of it

  • @drlq99 said in Vehicle interior color does not change in game after exporting .yft file by Zmodeler:

    @PijanyWalcarz @gtavjamal make sure the name of the interior material in the material browser has "[PAINT:6]" at the back of it

    Thanks driq99 I will try that, much appreciated.

  • I've added manualy the suffix [PAINT:6] at the end of the material name and this not solved the problem. Should I also include the "" symbols?

  • no you dont need the "".
    well, that's all i know, apologies. i cant help you further

  • @drlq99 Checked all possibilities :) Nothing work.
    I discovered one thing. When you change material name, or simply delete any character, the changes are not saved during exporting. When you import the model all material names are untouched like they are before editing.

    I'm wondering how's that possible?

  • Random thought. Other than the vehshare files and any ytd files specific to a vehicle, does anyone know if some GTA V vehicles source their interior textures from some hidden files?

  • @PijanyWalcarz save the project (.z3d). that way you can open up the project again with any progress youve made saved and you dont have to reimport the car every time

    @gtavjamal no, as far as i know

  • @gtavjamal If you are not getting any errors while importing the model, then you have all textures the vehicle needs.
    But from my experience, if you will missing some of them Zmodeler will not delete them from the materials list anyway, so the car will load the missing textures from in game archives :).

    The most common missing texture is ofcourse env.dds :).

    @drlq99 So when I load the z3d file and edit material names in it then export it as .yft file the changes should be saved also right?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @PijanyWalcarz you need to save the z3d file to save the changes

  • @drlq99 Ok, material names are saved correctly in .z3d file.

    But I think i found the reason why the [PAINT:6] suffix is not saved in .yft file.

    I use 3.1.2 (build 1123) version of Zmodeler. The highest suffix which can be exported is [PAINT:4]. When you put the [PAINT:5 or 6] the suffix is not saved.
    So shitty the re is no any alternative program to edit material names :(

  • @ driq99 thanks for the confirmation.

    @ PijanyWalcarz thats good to know about the version build issue and thanks.

  • @gtavjamal Just updated Zmodeler to the 3.2.1 version and all features are working. I can say more that the game stopped crashing for me with no reason :).

  • @PijanyWalcarz Awesome! Thanks again.

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