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Some notepad files(in update.rpf,common.rpf...)features and modify useful tips.

  • WARNING: you may know modding users, if apply modified notepad files ingame,
    game can CRASH at loading screen or during playing, sometimes very hard to find what modified file is causing crash, very stress. so Must using MODS folder! for backup original one.

    in common.rpf:

    path: common/data (most of effect ingame notepad files in update.rpf)
    relationships.dat: this file control around peds treat about player, it can make peds dont runaway player or attack player first. and can make peds fight each other, need more testing.

    in update.rpf:

    dispatch.meta: path: common/data
    this file control when player cause problem around spawning firefighters,Medics,polices condition.
    change what peds spawning, their numbers, but if modify many numbers, game easily crash.

    gameconfig: path: common/data
    this file effect to object spawning number peds,cars. change value cause often game crash so notice it!

    handling.meta: path: common/data
    this file control all over GTA's vehicles condition. toughness,speed,value and more... surely this file modifying often.

    tvplaylists.xml: path: common/data
    this file control ingame TV programs running time, so if want apply custom media ingame, should handle this file.

    weapons.meta: path: common/data/ai
    this file control weapon's feature. damage,physical,range...
    i modified magazine size but dont give change ingame,
    this path include only original weapons so if want modify DLC weapon find various another path.

    bloodfx.dat: path: common/data/effect
    this file control peds blood effect, when get hit, bleeding ground,
    original blood effect is little so if want better effect, modify this file

    explosionfx.dat: path: common/data/effect
    this file control explosion physical, smoke size,explosion damage.

    popcycle.dat: path:common/data/levels/gta5
    this file control all over spawning objects cars,peds where spawning, place,numbers. but change spawning number cause often game crash so notice about this!

    vehicle.meta: path:common/data/levels/gta5
    this file effect to vehicle's various condition. some car patches need to modify this file

    popgroups.ymt: path:x64/levels/gta5
    this file control cars,peds spawning type,groups. similar and should modify with popcycle.dat.
    most of each official game version patch add new vehicles. so if want make spawn ned DLC cars, modify this file.

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