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Can i download mods which were updated years ago???

  • There were some cool mods i found on this website, but i always ran into this persistent issue of mod last being updated in 2016/17, leading my game to crash. So i was wondering are the mods only valid till the last gta5 update?? Is there no way of planning old mods!? Pls clarify :)

  • @iamksw7 a lot of mods are updated but there are some where the creator just abandons them and no longer work as the script or data is outdated and no longer read right. Some also abandon an old version of the mod and make an entirely new mod with new features and it's easier to code like LeFix Fuel mod for example. You can download mods and try them out yourself which outdated ones crash the game and which ones are updated to work for every game version.

  • This post is deleted!

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