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Helicopter dust effect

  • Does anyone happen to know where can I find the setting to edit the helicopter's dust when it lands on ground (upscale that dust effect)? I've been looking through all different type of visual setting but couldn't find it anywhere.

  • @Vampnos
    There is this Helicopter Effects 1.34 script mod, that might work for ya (I haven't tested it)

    Also, in 'vfxvehicleinfo.ymt' there are these values:

          <aircraftDownwashPtFxEnabled value="true"/>
          <aircraftDownwashPtFxRange value="70.00000000"/>
          <aircraftDownwashPtFxDist value="20.00000000"/>
          <aircraftDownwashPtFxSpeedEvoMin value="0.00000000"/>
          <aircraftDownwashPtFxSpeedEvoMax value="10.00000000"/>

    I'm making a guess here, but those values are probably the dust effect you are talking about.
    Quick test would answer, find the one used by the vehicle/s you want to edit.

    Most likely this:



    then find 'VFXVEHICLEINFO_HELI_GENERIC' etc in 'vfxvehicleinfo.ymt' & increase the '<aircraftDownwashPtFx' range & distance values for it (maybe 'FxSpeedEvoMin/Max' also) or try 'veh_downwash_sand'/'veh_downwash_dirt' (they are likely to have a bigger/dustier effect) in the '<aircraftDownwashPtFxNameDefault>' line instead of 'veh_downwash' & see what differences you get. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th THANKS!!

  • i search this aswell ! :) but its not doing anything.. in here vfxvehicleinfo.ymt all those downwash values, engine etc seems dead.. do you have any clue of where can it be? anything would be appreciated^

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