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Is there anything you cant/shouldn't mod?

  • Pretty much as the title says. is there any texture files you cant access or shouldn't. Ie Dogs? graffiti walls? Wooden bench textures?!? .
    Not that i really wan to mod benches lol. But just to get an idea i mean.

    With mainly regards to textures. But any other info is appreciated.

    Ty :)

  • Banned

    Sorry not an answer but I just laughed out loud when I read what you said about benches. You could always mod benches so that they look like a massive mouth with teeth so then when a ped goes to sit down it looks like they're about to be eaten lol.
    In terms of an actual answer but by being a bit of a newbie to modding myself I would have to say that just about anything is modable but a reply from a more experienced modder would suit us I think.

  • @twistsnturns You can mod absolutely anything for offline use... nothing is off limits as far as I am aware.

  • @LeeC2202 Textures, I think anything can be edited.
    Other stuff? No.
    There are still no ways to edit vehicle paths, collisions, Navemesh etc.
    Hopefully someday we'll be able to edit them too.

  • @Akila_Reigns Yeah, true... I was thinking more on the lines of what shouldn't... I forget that we don't have access to tools to mod everything. :(

    My mind is going in circles... got mod code on one screen and the forum on my other LOL, I get confused and distracted so easily these days. :D

  • Just to say thanks for replies folks. Thanks for the info. Good to know.
    Even learnt what a Navmesh is! :)

    @RDC74656 lol. That's one idea lol

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