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[SOUND MOD WIP] Vintage Sirens

  • I started working on a little siren pack for myself making 1930-1940 style police sirens.

    I think its coming along nicely!

  • Man this sounds awesome!! Really looking forward to it! Hope you'll make more variations and such.

    I also found a channel time ago that has some nice clean sounds, maybe it's useful: https://www.youtube.com/user/kellcin/videos

    Me and friends will be doing some proper 30-40's emergency vehicles in the future.

    You should check my discord server if you're interested to come and have a chat (follow my profile here).

  • @GreenAid thank you kindly!
    Im still planning to inproove and add nore variations tge Channel there might help indeed so thank you for that!

    I do have found sone Vintage vehicle packs but hearing your planning doing some yourself is awsome! Im looking forward to that since im still looking for like Fire and ems vehicles from that time period aswell!

    Surly gonna pay a visit!

  • Hey this is just what i am looking for any chance you have a beta test i could use? If so DM me on discord Ali Mc#4293

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