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Anyone else hurting to get more FPS while mods are active?

  • I don't have the most powerful PC but it is a decent rig to play all of my games on max settings 144hz and 100fps+. But when it comes to GTV my PC struggles to keep 30-40fps on max settings with all of my mods. Is that normal or am I not doing something right?
    Current PC Specs:
    Ryzen 7 3700x @ 4.0GHz
    MSI Gaming Trio RTX 3070
    G-Skill Trident 16GB @ 3200MHz
    Dedicated 870evo SSD for GTA
    Windows 10 64bit

    I followed a couple videos on youtube to improve FPS making various adjustments which helped a little but nothing spectacular. Also does not help when these videos tell me to lower settings which is something I am not trying to do lol. I also does not help when these tutorials don't include mods. An I understand visual mods take up some juice but do they take up that much? I am not using any graphic or retexture mods other than ENB and Reshade.
    Current Mods
    ENB + Reshade
    200+ Replaced Cars (moderately sized around 10-15MB on average)
    Police/Swat retextured peds
    Weapons retextured
    10 different scripts

    Currently I running Med-High settings windowed borderless and would get 40-60FPS driving around the city with traffic, population, and variety set to max. Ill post a pic of my settings soon but figured I get the ball rolling and ask if these results are normal for the amount of mods I have? I know the obvious would be to get a better GPU but thats not really an option right now lol. There really is no bottleneck in my setup but would upgrading anything else benefit my situation. Any insight would greatly be appreciated :smile:

  • As soon as I saw ENB and Reshade that said it all.

    ENB alone will tank your frames. De-activate it and watch your fps skyrocket. On max graphics my machine will sit at around 30fps and plummet to 12 with ENB enabled.

  • @ItsJustCurtis Yeah I hear ya. When I turn ENB off I gain 10+ FPS. But I thought with a decent GPU I would be doing better on performance than what I'm getting now. I read that ENB eats up RAM, would upgrading to 32GB help or it still all falls on GPU?

  • I went from 8GB to 32GB, didn't affect my frames but did reduce the frequency of memory related crashes. I'm only on an old 1050ti with a 2500k i5. The GPU is the standard throttle point for fps here. Shadows and lighting are the usual hogs for GPU usage, of which ENB ramps up the quality of both. If you're still struggling with ENB and Reshade off then try turning down the shadow quality in the GTA settings menu. 100+ fps for GTA is only really possible on top spec machines with the graphics settings turned right down (look at some of the speedrunner setups for an idea)

  • @ItsJustCurtis After doing these fps boost tutorials on yotube Im experiencing Memory Error crashes lol. I believe Ill upgrade to 32GB memory anyway as I plan to start learning 3D Modeling here and there.
    Anyway, wow even on top spec machines they still only get 100 fps on low settings?! And I assume that is without mods correct? Well that then makes me feel better :laughing: Without ENB alone and only Reshade running I will get a good 50-70 fps depending where in the city I am which, isn't bad at all and feels really good when playing. I didn't noticed much of a boost in fps when I lowered textures to be honest.. I forgot to post screen captures of settings but will do it tonight incase Im missing some crucial settings.

  • Yeah textures don't affect frames at all noticeably, you can leave them on max. Yeah one streamer I watch gets 120fps from a gtx3090 with graphics aaalll the way down. The game was designed with 30fps console play in mind, 60fps is a good result imo

  • @DugiHowser enb and replaced textures are destroying your pc. mainly 4k replacements

  • @OneMinuteYT I figured ENB is but I don't believe I have that many 4k textures to be honest. I purposely went for lessor polygonal mods to maintain performance but perhaps no matter what it still takes a tole regardless. I would love 60 fps with the mod setup I have but until the 3090 becomes more available Ill have to settle with my watered down version.. for now :grin:

  • @DugiHowser
    Not many people get their prayers answered like this :thumbsup: (albeit 2 months late :slight_smile:).
    Full credit goes to NarutoUA on GitHub. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th im confused, didn't the article say that frame rate didn't appear to be negatively impacted? Are you getting higher frame rates in your tests? Maybe i read too quickly.

    'There is some driving towards the end, and according to the frame counter, performance is roughly the same when switching from native rendering to turning FSR on and using the Quality mode.'

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Yeah, my framerate has increased :thumbsup: , like a lot :slight_smile: :rocket: :crescent_moon: :
    I haven't measured the exact difference, but I'm now pretty much maxing all settings @4K & running MaxLOD = 3.000 & 12xMSAA+(2+2SS) (4xMSAA ingame enhanced with Nvidia Profile Inspector 32xS [Combined: 2x2 SS + 8x MS] :thumbsup:) & it's still sitting above 60fps.

    I'm running x0.5 scaling tho, so somewhat similar to 'Peformance' mode, rather than 'Quality', that's what will give the largest performance increase :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th that's fantastic then, and u did say you're using an nvidia card right so im definitely going to give it a shot. I'm not at 4k, running 2560.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Yep, Nvidia, 2x RTX 2080 TI (in SLI, so no issues there either).
    You should be golden with your RTX 2070 Super :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks. Have u tried the nvidia software equivalent, natively, i mean on its own?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    If you mean DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)? Not with GTAV, but with other games that support it yeah :thumbsup:

    If you mean DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution), yeah I've tried it, even ran GTAV at 8K (Medium settings) downscaled to 4K once.
    It kinda goes the other way compared to FSR & DLSS, in that it renders at a higher than native resolution & then downscales to native. So obviously, performance takes a big hit, but it looks damn nice :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Anyone else hurting to get more FPS while mods are active?:

    Not many people get their prayers answered like this :thumbsup: (albeit 2 months late :slight_smile:).
    Full credit goes to NarutoUA on GitHub. :thumbsup:

    Great scott! I'm going to try this as soon as I get home! Thank you for sharing this!

    Since I initially posted I ending up building a new rig. Had an opportunity to upgrade the GPU so figured nows the time. I also went from MATX to full ATX this time around.
    New PC Specs
    Intel i7 10700k @ 5.0GHz
    Corsair 32GB Mem @ 3500MHz
    Gigabyte 3080ti OC
    Dedicated 870evo SSD for GTA
    Dedicated 870evo SSD for Windows 10 64bit

    I did a fresh install of GTA along with mods. This time around I chose to go the as "lite" as possible route without any world retexture/replace mods other than my cars which again, are moderately sized and I do not use the +hi texture vehicle files.

    Current Mods
    ENB + Reshade
    200+ Replaced Cars (moderately sized around 10-15MB on average)
    https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/forests-of-san-andreas-4861-trees-add-on-ymap (installed the lite version without extras)
    Weapons retextured
    10 different scripts

    My FPS are still :poop: :laughing: I figured with a beefy PC now, Ill get better FPS but still no significate gains. I will say though that I now have every setting maxed out. Im noticing as low as 32FPS in congested city areas and as high as 90FPS in some rural areas. Ill get actual highs/lows tonight and post if interested. Ill also post my settings if need. I get that script you mentioned and post before and afters.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I forgot to mention that I game at 1080p on an ultra wide monitor.

  • @DugiHowser if you're getting poor FPS with a 3080 something is definitely in need of tuning. I don't think you'll benefit from this mod at 1080p.

    You're getting low FPS even with Vsync off? I can do 100 without any tearing and well over 300 addons loaded although obviously not all active with it turned off, with a 2070 maxed out.

    Haven't tried mod yet, im at 2k though, i think 4k would be ideal with this technology.

  • @JohnFromGWN Okay I knew I wasn't crazy thinking my poor fps was normal. I have the Ultra Wide Samsung G9 monitor that only supports 1080p but high refresh rate. I personally don't care to game at 4k thus getting this model. Not sure if the aspect ratio has anything to do with my FPS issues?

    I do have Vsync on I believe. I have 2xMSAA as well. I do play in windowed boarder less mode. Ill confirm when I get home.

    My hardware is all overclocked and it shreds through any game easy. Even CP2077 gets great fps maxed out. So I'm entirely at a lose when my FPS tanks playing GTA. When I originally started this thread my old setup, I believed that I was reaching it's limit. But now there should be absolutely no reason for FPS tanks like mine. Especially with a 3080ti right?

    In any case, Ill get actual FPS stats and my settings for you. If you have any free time perhaps you can help figure out the issue?

  • @DugiHowser im at 8xmsaa.

    My guess is that your Enb or other pseudo visual enhancers are killing your game. I have wonderful graphics with only a midrange card and an old monitor although it is 2K without installing that crap. Actually it's amusing that so many users salivate at the prospect of 4K textures on a 1080p monitor as if they would benefit even incrementally while in reality they are simply overburdening a game designed with lower res but fully adequate textures. The tech artists who worked on the game, each with their frugal memory allotments, must be shaking their heads. Lods are there for a reason.

    Turn off vsync, especially if for example your monitor is capped at 60 refresh rate, although that's not your case. Still, that would not explain why you're at 30 to 40 frames. Disable those visual mods as well to assess the impact. Crank up your contrast instead if you don't want natural looking graphics.

  • @JohnFromGWN My monitor is capped at 144hz but, I don't think I even get that running in windowed mode as it defaults too auto.
    I'm not running any other graphic enhancements like NVE or REVO other than ENB + Reshade with my own subtle preset. And no I cant stand over saturated, unnatural, or high contrast setting lol.

    Honestly, I only use ENB for the puddle reflections and slight enhancing of shadows. Everything else is turned off. And Reshade I use to tweak the shadowing further, some sharpness, and very slight color adjustments. That's really it. No 4k textures or crazy visual enhancement mods.

    Both https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/grand-theft-auto-v-remastered-add-on and https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/forests-of-san-andreas-4861-trees-add-on-ymap are addons with I believe are stock textures in the game so 2K? They also have default LODs. I understand these are 1000s of props but they still shouldn't be that taxing especially on vanilla textures.

    Ill turn Vsync off and get proper benchmarks, Ill update shortly.

  • @DugiHowser
    I don't have it installed, so can't be 100% sure, but I would suspect that GTA V Remastered [Add-On] 2.0b is at least in part responsible for your lower than expected frames.

    Without LODs, vegetation, especially densely packed areas that have a lot onscreen at once, will tank frames on any GPU. You'll see it if you monitor your frames while playing & look about while choosing what you put on screen at any given time. Obviously, to do that effectively, you would also have to differentiate between the vegetation included in Forests of San Andreas (which has LODs) & the vegetation included in GTA V Remastered (which doesn't have any LOD's).
    Given they are both add-ons, it should be pretty easy to selectively disable either. :thumbsup:

    So yeah, I would test what kind of performance you get with GTA V Remastered disabled/removed from 'mods' folder. Either remove it from 'dlclist.xml', or quicker & easier, either rename the add-on folder (the one above the 'dlc.rpf') or move the GTA V Remastered 'dlc.rpf' somewhere else temporarily while you load the game & check :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I have the Forests of Chiliad and RCA enabled all the time and they dont significantly impact performance. Spawning too many high polygon Motorcycles will definitely bring me down. The game doesn't seem to care if you delete them, seems to keep them in memory either way.

    Agree that simplest way to temporarily disable an addon of the dlc.rpf variety, is to rename the folder containing it, i put a period in front of its name so it sorts first. If anyone else is reading this, take note this method may not work with .asi files or .dlls given they are are loaded differently, not by dlclist.xml. They might not work, but they will likely load.

  • @DugiHowser hoping it works for you.

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Anyone else hurting to get more FPS while mods are active?:

    The game doesn't seem to care if you delete them, seems to keep them in memory either way

    Yeah, the only way to truly see the performance difference you get by removing traffic is to remove vehicles from 'popgroups.ymt' before loading the game. Turning off traffic in a trainer or what not, doesn't give you back the resources they take. As you've noticed it makes like no difference, it's like the traffic is still there, you just can't see it, hear it or collide into it etc.

    I'm pretty confident @DugiHowser will get at least some perfromance back from removing GTA V Remastered (how much :thinking:, I'm not sure, may well be more to the issue than just that :thumbsup:). The key thing behind my thinking is LODs. Forests of Chiliad & Forests of San Andreas have LOD textures & models, GTA V Remastered doesn't, so without any LODs there's the potential at least, to have tens to hundreds of full HD trees & bushes onscreen at once (with GTA V's trees & bushes, that's guaranteed to tank frames on any modern GPU).

    Obviously, the one variable I haven''t accounted for is how densely populated the GTA V Remastered vegetation is. If it's just a few trees/bushes/props strategically placed, then it's probably not the issue. In which case we'll have to look for something else :thumbsup:

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