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Hot coffee mod not working

  • Hey everyone. I have a problem with the hot coffee mod. I have download scripthook V and Scripthook V DotNet as well as native ui. Its the original gta version from epic games. The only other mod installed is menyoo mod menu. It works half, i walk up to a woman and press j. The menu comes up but but when i click on Conversate or have sex nothing happens. I have seen on youtube that more options will be there once you click have sex but nothing happens for me
    I tried taking out all mods and restarting my pc etc etc but nothing happens
    All versions of scriphook and native ui are up to date
    Pls Help

  • @WGotch07 Ah. Thanks bro it works now :)

  • @WGotch07 where i can download this mod by jitnaught

  • @Jitnaught Is it normal for the ped to slap you in the face when you ask for sex. I looked at the source and couldn't find a native or shvdn function for getting slapped in the face.

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