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Togglemod(VehicleToggleMod.Turbo, random?)

  • Hi I'm just looking into some old scripts and wants to modify some things and this mod already applies random tuning vehiclemods to spawned vehicles just except turbo toggle and I wanna add it

    found the RandomTuning method# but there's no lines indicating a random turbo toggle for it
    So if i add this line veh.ToggleMod(VehicleToggleMod.Turbo, true) every spawned vehicle with RandomTuning applied will spawned with turbo installed but what if I wanna make it random for the toggle as well?

    i added this

    bool toggle = new Random().Next(0, 2) > 0;
    veh.ToggleMod(VehicleToggleMod.Turbo, toggle); 

    seems to work now

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