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Game keeps crashing on loading screen

  • (EDIT) the mods seem to work, but not when i have the mods folder there, menyoo and the NIBMods work for me, just i cant get the skins to work.

    I've installed the mods as the instructions say, and the game doesn't fully load and crashes after about 2-5 minutes on the loading screen. I have tried the packfile adjuster and heap adjuster and no luck, the mods i have installed are:

    • scripthook and scripthookvdotnet,
    • addonpeds (new) (i forgot who made this but it has worked for me in the past)
    • menyoo,
    • superman v2 (from NIBMods),
    • magneto (NIBMods),
    • Flash (NIBMods).

    And then some skins, I'll try my best to link the creators of them:

    • Superman BVS (Barak101),
    • Superman Black (Barak101),
    • OmniMan (gtav_KWABZ),
    • Homelander (The Darth Knight),
    • Flash CW S6 Infected/S7 (Darth Knight),
    • Flash Justice League (Barak101),
    • MagnetoDOFP (fakeplastic i believe).

    If anyone could help out that would be great, thanks.

  • install custom gameconfig by F7YO

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