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Rick and morty mods is deleted?

  • I Tried to get it but someone deleted forever i tried to find it by going to youtube but i tried it but it didnt work help me please and im sad as well :cry:

  • Creators of Rick and Morty requested the mods to be taken down iirc

  • @HeySlickThatsMe aww man not fair but i found skin of rick and morty in libertycity.net but not much like gta5mods
    but i found portal gun but not ricks and i got all rick model and morty model skins addonpeds and theres ricks spaceship and i am gonna keep it forever lol and im still a bit happy without ricks portal gun and even ricks spaceship and libertycity dont exist report they keep it and they umm well libertycity.net is my favorite as well

  • got all of them from a site...been searching days for them,... got everything except the portal and laser gun.
    even the smith neighbourhood and the cromulan i found haha.

    hope one day the mods will come back on this site

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