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First time setting up.

  • Hi

    I’ve got a nice new computer and just installed GTA. I’ve always wanted to try all these mods I’ve seen.

    I’ve read the guide for installation.

    Just a few questions

    Im a little weary of creating a mess in the directories with all these trainers, scripts and mods. How do I keep it clean in the directories. In case things start to clash. Also I’ve read about Mod Manager for gta v ? Do people still use that? Does that help control what’s on or off? Is that the same as menyoo?

    Also, is there a way to reduce chances of a virus. Maybe download the zip files on my shitty laptop and open them there and then usb stick to move over the asi files etc on to my new computer. Does that help. Virus in the zip executable or on the asi files themself?



    when using the mods folder most files related to editing update.rpf reside in there so that's tidy enough, same with scripts in dll format placed the in scripts folder. It's just the asi scripts with their own folder (in some cases) that clutter the base game folder a bit

    regarding viruses, all uploads are being checked by VirusTotal when uploaded, in the 5+ years I have never encountered any issues in this regard

    I suggest you check out ikt's guide for getting started and in case of any other questions use this forum or our discord where most long time modders reside

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