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[PLAYER][RELEASED] Claude Speed Mod (Ped Version)

  • https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/claude-ped-by-mikephilips

    Hey guys, and welcome to my post about the Claude mod and the things that you need to know about. I wanna say thanks to "theNGclan" for helping me and telling me the things. so this mod has over 5 outfit sets, and more will come really soon :)

    I've added a balaclava which is located in "Accessories 2" section, i tried adding it on the heads section but it broke the Claude's Torso and Niko's Torso so thats why i added them in the accessories. this mod has lots of updates and the DLC version is coming soon, and also you need to remove Claude's hair before you put the mask cuz Claude's hair will clip through the balaclava, you can change his hair to bald in the "Hair" section.
    the last jacket that i've added, doesn't have the shirt underneath it so you need to go to accessories 2 and the last accessory is the white "T-shirt".
    and don't rate the mod badly, but instead leave the bugs and anything in the comments and I will fix it.
    I take requests, like outfits that has the exicting textures...
    thats all i have to say and Hope you enjoy my mod.
    Im out, peace...

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