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How to make your Restricted Zone (Like Fort Zancudo)

  • Hello to all modders. In the process of creating my map, I ran into a small problem. In short: How to make a restricted area so that they are wanted when the player gets there? (That is, like at Fort Zancudo or at the Police Station). If anyone knows how to do this please write to me. Thanks for reading! :grinning:

  • I think you can do it using codewalker, or by using a script that check player coords and enable 5 stars when player coords are inside the area coords.(you need to add a refresh rate to this script to avoid performance issues, you script doesnt need to check player position on every frames, maybe every 5 seconds is enough).

  • @ArkadiPro1 or maybe there is already a function to add restricted zone, idk. for codewalker im not sure.

  • @thebegin10 Thank you

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