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[VEHICLE][WIP] Honda 900 CBR [TUNABLE] (v1.1 released)

  • Hello all!
    I am acctually working on a new tunable bike. It will replace the Defiler.
    The bike will be really full tunable, mainly StreetFighter style.

    Here are pictures to show you the bike:
    alt text
    alt text

  • @baluz Those bikes looks amazing, please release as an add-on too.

  • thanks, it's only one bike, it is tuned in different ways on picture. i will try to make it an add-on, i will follow tutorials for it no problem. but i really need to fix this problem before.
    The stock part i make as rear-mudguard moves aswell but the tuning part who replace it don't. :/

    €dit: I still have 8 skins to do. if some of you want, i can post a template here, and the better skins will be added on the bike (with your credits of course)
    Maybe we can do a skin contest somewhere in the forum? @administrators

  • Up! The mod is full finished, all details are there, some liveries are done, i just need to know how to make it move correctly!! :'(

  • any update on the bike?

  • Oh, I love this. Similar to an FZR 1000 like the one in Road Rash,

  • @JRC99 @aysammy sorry for latence, i had a bit neglected this project, i am going back to work on this, it will replace the Defiler because she had a rear mudguard, so it will be easyer to make my stuff working.

  • @baluz If you want, i can tell you, how to add some tuning parts to vehicles that havent this parts by default, or create custom tuning parts for add-on.

  • @Yarm1995 yep it can be usefull for some vehicles! I private message you for a private question ;)

  • Released! Waiting for admins approbation!

  • @baluz
    Hi! this is from a Ride 2?

  • @MPoh Hello, no this bike is a old conversion i make from Ride1, i had some UV issues so i cut the bike part by part and remapped everything with new textures i did.
    I think about extract again the bike from Ride 2 and take the engine and some stuff for next updates, because now i can extract with UV maps ;)
    Edit: I think the Panigale seat is from Ride 2
    And if you are Mr.poher the turbo is yours reworked by me from the CRF 450 turbomotard you did for GTA 4 (you are in credits section of the download)

  • @baluz Yes, it's me, and I saw a CRF 450 turbomotard, thank you that did it. PS is There a tutorial on how to extract bike from the Ride? sorry for bad English

  • @MPoh No tutorials but i can explain you in private messages ;) not that difficult.
    No problem for bad english, where are you from?

  • I am currently working on version 1.1!
    what i did:
    -worked on engine details (bumpmap, sparks plugs, rework textures)
    -build 3D front brakes disc
    -retextured the sprocket and front forks
    -new pegs set-up (i will maybe rework it again)
    -new handlebar with more details (will have to rework textures)
    -"fairing_b" dashboard
    -working dials

    Let me know if you have some bugs, issues, or ideas to increase the mod!!
    alt text
    alt text

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