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[HELP] Different mapping between Fivem/ALT:V and gta online/story mode

  • Hello ! I am working on a garden mapping for a person on ALT:V and i have some fences that blocks the way. I'm a lil bit lazy to remove them manualy so is there a way to delete the fence's ymap ?

    On Codewalker/Fivem/ALT:V i see this :

    alt text

    And on the regular GTA V (online/story mode) :

    alt text

    Anyone can help me please ?

  • IIRC GTA V has something with missing props, the FiveM (ugh) devs restored a bunch of missing props about two years ago in a update.

  • @PtitJiwi You might not want to just delete the whole ymap, there may be things in it that you don't want to remove.

    If the fencing is showing up in CodeWalker like it is in AltV, using CW you can select one of the props, add the ymap to a new project, make your edits to the ymap and then save the ymap to your desktop. Then insert it however you do into AltV to test if your edits worked.

  • @chonkie i'll try thanks a lot !

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