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Gameconfig crash my game

  • Hey, I got Natural Vision Evolved installed in my game with Ultra Graphics Settings and I am experiencing some texture loss. That doesn't disrupt me because I know it's a big mod with a lot of new models and textures and it mostly stops when I disable my advanced graphics settings or downscale my texture quality to Normal or High instead of Very High and I never had my game crash caused by texture loss before. I also got some replace police cars, multiplayer clothes and sound mods without having an issue.

    The problem started when adding some add-on cars. Like you know, I can't install add-on cars without installing a custom gameconfig or my game instantly crash when I load in. So I decide to add a custom gameconfig (the one made by F7YO) and Heap Adjuster with my add-on cars and every time I got texture loss my game crash after like 30 seconds. So I try to remove my add-on cars, but I still experience same issue. After this, I try to remove my gameconfig and my game work again. If I put back my gameconfig again, it would crash again.

    So I can confirm my game is going to crash when I get some texture loss only with gameconfig files and nothing else added between.

    I use stock version of the gameconfig if you asking. So normaly it's should change anything to the game

    My version of GTA V is 1.0.2245.0

    Here some logs files
    asiloader.log : https://pastebin.com/dQKNz0BG
    ScriptHookV.log : https://pastebin.com/s8sp4DsB
    ScriptHookVDotNet.log : https://pastebin.com/9Jw22qfb

    Thanks for any help !


    @xgeekoo if I understood correctly through the grapevine it's the models inside the vegetation dlc that cause it

  • @ReNNie What you mean by grapevine ? (Sorry my english is not perfect) You told the issue is caused by NVE_vegetation dlc which conflit with gameconfig ?


    @xgeekoo muy si, grapevine = I heard it say

    try without the vegetation dlc loaded in dlclist.xml

  • @ReNNie Still crashing without vegetation dlc

  • I don't had find any solution and the creator seem to be inactive so I tried an other gameconfig seem work on my game. If someone are interested to try it and give feedback you can download it to GTA 5 mods. Its author is navefa_ and the gameconfig name it Gameconfig 1.0.2245 (No more crash after 5/10 min of play !)

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