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assembly.xml not found

  • Hello again.

    So i manage to get the mods to be converted from .rar files into .zip, but now when i try to open, there is a pop-up window that tells me that it is unable to find a assembly.xml. is there a fix for this or have i got to download a new program?

    thanks in advance

  • @Mullac
    Are you installing the mods using OpenIV yeah? If so, to install all the files automatically the mod needs to be a '.oiv' installer (ie not '.rar' or '.zip').
    If it's just files in a '.rar' or '.zip', you need to install them manually. If the mod has an '.oiv' installer (most don't), you extract the '.oiv' from within the '.rar' or '.zip' & then double-click the '.oiv' to install all files within it with OpenIV.
    Link to one of the mods you are trying to install & having issues with & I'll take a look at it :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th

    thank you for the reply, yes i am trying to use open IV, one of the mods that i was trying to do was this -

    im new to doing PC gaming and only just started to try mod my games, and not very knowledgable on things like installing manually, sorry, so thank you for the help, its much appreciated

  • @Mullac
    No probs :thumbsup:, I'm not too up on installing peds, but I'm pretty sure you need to have AddonPeds installed for that Superman to work.
    AddonPeds has a couple of peds preinstalled ('vito_mafia' & a version of 'superman'). Concentrate on getting them working first, before trying to install any other additional peds :thumbsup:

    There is a 'Read Me.html' in the AddonPeds download, be sure to have a read of it & make sure you have all the prerequisites installed. Just be aware that AddonPeds was last updated 4 years ago (2017), so you may have to install versions of the prerequisites from 2017 (especially NativeUI (you probably want NativeUI v1.7 (released 29 Jun 2016) or perhaps v1.8 (released 8 Oct 2018)) to get it to work.

    Be sure to have a read through all of the comments on the AddonPeds comments page (hit 'show previous 20 comments' button a heap of times to track through older comments) as people have posted links to certain solutions & youtube install vids that may help.

    You are always going to run into some trouble installing older mods (especially if it's years old &/or the mod author has disappeared etc), there's no hard rules, what might work for others may or may not work for you. It'll just be all about getting as much information as you can from the community & trying each of the solutions to any issues you may face one by one until you possibly find something that works.

    I can help you out & probably point you in the right direction, but it might be a good idea to start by installing a vehicle or two first, start with something simple until you get a feel for the game & how it's modded.

    Not so important for add-on mods, but just for future reference etc, always, always, back up any '.rpf' archives before you edit & change them. Then you always have an out, & the ability to return to a working state of your modded game should something go wrong (sooner or later it will). Make sure it's a habit you get into :thumbsup:

    By all means, if you want, have a go at installing AddonPeds using the instructions in the 'Read Me.html' in the AddonPeds download & see what happens. See if you can get the included peds to work & then take it from there. If you hit any issues, give me a shout & we'll see what we can do about them one by one. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th
    thats brilliant, thank you

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