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[VEHICLE][WIP] Zastava 101 (1100) , 1971 - 2008

  • The Zastava 101 (also known as the "Zastava 1100" and "Skala 55") was the Yugoslav version of the Fiat 128.
    Dante Giacosa's hatchback version was rejected in Fiat as unsuitable for the Italian market, but accepted in Zastava . This can be read in Dante Giacosa's book "Forty Years of Design with Fiat"

    At first it was a great car. Production began in 1971, the year after the Fiat 128 was proclaimed European Car of the Year in 1970. But, like many other cars in communist countries it was produced for too long so time ran out. This car even continued to be produced after the collapse of Yugoslavia and communism. It was produced and sold in Serbia until 2008. In the time to which it did not belong, it no longer looked so beautiful :(

    But I will, personally, remember it as an indispensable part of my childhood and growing up ... my 70s :)

  • Un Italiano vero...

  • damn they must've really loved this car if they continued it for near 40 years.

  • @Frostelis Serbia is a dirt poor country, not surprising they built the 101 until '08.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Opened my abandoned account just to say this lol
    I kinda expected you to do it, since you seem to do mostly ex-YU cars, and knowing your streak of excellent conversions and model edits, I bet this one is gonna be awesome, too.
    My question is, are you going to add some model facelifts as tuning parts? Like the one with the square headlights, from the early 80's.
    Love your work, by the way. You got my respect!

  • @SerranitaMods Thank you for your compliments. I don’t just do ex-yu cars. I make cars that I remember from the roads of my childhood. There are vintage German (East and West), Italian, French, Swedish, Czechoslovakian, Soviet... cars I've made so far ... this is actually the first ex-yu car I make without being the same as Fiat. What I will make of it I do not know yet. I know I won't rush, I'll go slowly so I don't get bored ... the result will arrive in a month or two.

  • good night najpotez, could you create an "IKA Torino TS 1972" for gta v? It would be very interesting besides that it is an excellent and iconic Argentine vehicle. Thanks!

  • Hey Naj! I hope you are doing well, my lad. Any news on the progress of this ride?

  • @Frostelis I'm fine, thank you. I'm busy with some other things in my life so progress with this mod is slow. But don't worry, there will be. I still work.

  • Nice and good luck!

  • @Frostelis Some progress with dashboard and dials accuracy:

  • Awesome, dude!

  • @SerranitaMods ...In the span of almost 40 years the car has had a lot of faceliftings...I will try to convey some through the tuning parts...

    facelifting gtaV

  • Plates and facelifting ...

  • It's liveries' turn. The inspiration for the first one comes from a historic 1975. K-K (Kragujevac to Kilimanjaro) expedition. Eleven people made the 11,000km journey in five Zastava 101 passenger vehicles.

    Fortunately, there are a lot of photos from all sides of the vehicle, so I was able to see all the details.

  • The car also has some racing history. I chose livery from the mid 70s. The Czechoslovak "MTE" team participated in European Touring Car Championship (Václav Bervid /Petr Bílek). A replica could be seen at the ADAC historic cup.


    At the same time, as you can see in the pictures, I am trying to make some additional racing tuning parts. I'll choose what looks good enough:)


  • Will these come with US plates as well?

  • @Frostelis Yes, it will. There will be two versions, each one will have tuning options for another plate version(s)

  • Hoce li biti livery milicije, inace ekstra su ti auta.

  • @Milak Da, bit će tri verzije, i "fake" sirena kao tuning za krov. Razmišljam i o dodatnoj policijskoj Add-On verziji.
    There will be three versions for old yugoslav police livery (Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian) with a fake police siren as a tuning for the roof.
    I am also considering an additional version of the police car

  • Nadam se da napravis addon verziju jer bi ekstra to bilo jer modiram gta pa bi ubacio da budu ingame auta policijska umjesto orginalnih, trenutno su mi neke lade stare ali bi radije stavio Stojadina. Probao sam od tristaca i fice da prepravim da imaju "prave" rotacije al nisam znao. Pa ako bi pravu pravio bilo bi mi od velike koristi. Hvala

  • A mislim da bi vise ljudi downloadovalo addon verziju sa pravom rotacijom, jednostavno je bolja, lakse bi se radilo sa njom, pa se nadam da se odlucis da napravis tu addon verziju

  • Tuning 4 racing:

  • San Giorgio

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