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my files look weird. (more explanation below)

  • so when i watch youtube videos every single one when they extract files it goes into neat folders but mine get shot all over the place and some files are missing. the icon for my RPF is also some weird app instead of winrar so i cant access it. im sorry if i explained poorly i just dont know how to describe it

  • @MrSleeperMobile That's because you're not extracting using the proper option.

    1. Strongly recommend you use this free/opensource extractor

    2. Once installed, you can extract zip, rar, whatever archive, even OIV.
      You right click the zipped/archive folder, and from the 7-Zip menu select "extract to [name of folder/"

    For example you downloaded an addon called ferrari.zip or ferrari.rar.
    Rightclick the file, from the context menu select, 7-Zip, from that menu select "extract to ferrari/"

    If you don't want to install 7-Zip, then you will likely find a comparable option with other software.
    For example, with Windows 10 and a zip file, just do Extract All and it will be on neat package.
    Always try to extract to a folder, if it just says "Extract here" you'll get the files out of the folder - in other words all over the place.

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