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Error: Couldn’t find model (ENT) / Invalid Model (ST)

  • Hello Everyone.

    I have played GTA V (Steam) on my old laptop and I was able to Get Add-On cars to spawn without any problem. Using ENT or ST. However I recently got a desktop and freshly installed GTA V (Steam) on it. I added some cars and each time i tried to spawn in game with the model name, I kept getting “Error: Couldn’t find model” in ENT and “Invalid Model” when I tried using Simple Trainer. Could anyone please help pin point what did I do wrong? Would appreciate very much all the helps I could get.

    Latest ScripthookV.dll & dinput8.dll + F7YO Gameconfig V25.5 + GTAV Heap Adjuster (650MB of Heap) 1.0.0 installed.

    Method I have been using to install Add-On cars

    Car Folders: GTAV > mods > x64 > dlcpacks

    Line added: GTAV > mods > update > update.rpf > common > data > dlclist.xml

    I always copy the previous line in dlc and edit just the folder name.

    IE: <Item>dlcpacks:/m3f80/<Item>

    My current PC specs
    CPU: Intel i7 6700
    Ram: 16Gb
    Gpu: Geforce 1060 3Gb
    HDD: 2Tb

  • @Xender09

    Folder Structure should be like that:


  • @Zuraxo thank you. Let me delete the files inside mods folder and did a new copy froml “Update” folder into the mods. Once done ill add back gameconfig and car folders into the structure you showed me. And add line to dlc list again dlclist

  • @Xender09 The best way to get it right is just to create the mods folder and copy the update folder from the root directory into the mods Folder.

    If you need the other files like x64 folder, common.rpf or x64a,b,c... same behaviour


  • @Zuraxo well I followed the folder structure you said and it works. However the add on cars have no tunings. But i guess it is something to do with carcols and carvariations i will play with those later. Thank you again for the help.

  • @Xender09 No worrys mate yea it's because the carcols.meta and carvariations.meta I suggest to take a look at:


    Don't forget tho the numbers could have been used by another addon already.


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