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ADDON FOLDER - now causes startup crash. even when empty.....

  • Ok so it was working a week ago. it asked if i wanted to update my uPdate.rpf and POW. nothing works now. so I now got it where only my modded cars work and my addonpeds folder causes a crash at startup. I even made the folder empty....... still crashes. what can I do?

  • @VLADIMPALER72 Who asked if you wanted to update your update file? Open IV? All your mods, as you're aware, are in your mods folder including the update.rpf. If that file changes then files such as dlclist.xml will also change - causing errors. Given your vehicles work, the problem is definitely with your addonpeds folder and likely with a badly installed ped addon or replace. I don't use the addonpeds mod, i do it manually, so I'm not sure what can go wrong.

    I suggest you go back to the last ped/peds you added and uninstall them.

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