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Change clothes for peds

  • I wanna use one single clothe for ALL of the peds! got confused in doing so as I'm not really pro in this field. Anyone can help please?

  • If you mean the same clothes for all peds, that's not possible. If you mean keep specific clothes constant for specific peds, there are 3 options. The only easy one is to use a trainer (search for Menyoo or Simple Trainer etc on this site). The next level would be to script it using ped component variations (means you learn how to script). The last, and possibly the trickiest, is you modify the ped itself using OpenIV.

    So hopefully a trainer can do what you want. For example in Menyoo, you save your outfit once customized and then you apply it each time you spawn the model. This is a bit of a PITA but will keep clothes/outfit constant. Personally I spawn all vehicles and peds through scripts - this allows me to customize them in the code.

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