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i downloaded MB W140 mod and i cant change my rims other cars can change rims

  • ![0_1626287419394_benz 2.png](Uploading 100%) ![0_1626287426727_Benz.png](Uploading 100%)

  • @Emerald-Mustang
    If you edit the equivalent lines in it's 'carcols.meta' data to this:

          <id value="0"/>

    & the wheels start working, then you have a ModKitID conflict.

    How to Fix a ModKitID conflict:
    To fix, you'll have to find a free '<id value=' value (or live without the upgrades). There's no set rules on how to find one that works, just revert the changes outlined above & try numbers at random until you find one that works.
    Counter to what a lot of threads about ModKitID conflicts say, the '<id value=' above is the only value you need to edit, it doesn't need to match the number in the '<kitName>' line.

  • https://imgur.com/BokYlQv https://imgur.com/vmk0Piv this problem i met hehe can u help me

  • and then this w140 was before can change the rims and days later i added lots mode after this car mods rim not changing https://imgur.com/veExR3h

  • @Emerald-Mustang
    Yep, sounds like a ModKitID conflict. Refer to post#2 or search internet for info :thumbsup:

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