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Why are popular map mods being taken down?

  • Hello. Apparently several popular map mods were taken down. If my bad memory is correct, they were conversions of maps from GTA: SA, Vice City, and GTA 3. Does anyone know why they were taken down? I hope that I am asking in the right spot


    @bloodykills Take-Two Interactive DMCA's.

  • @Reyser Oh damn...is the whole site at risk of being taken down?


    @bloodykills No, don't worry. The DMCA's sent are for map mod conversions from other games of Rockstar Games developers, not the site.
    There's not any risk of getting the site taken down if the administrators comply with the DMCA requests (which they always do).

  • @Reyser Ok, that's good to know, thank you

  • Because Take-Two is pure scum and the worst for innocent modders

  • That’s why I grab ‘em while I still can.

    But yeah, T2 doesn’t care. They look at it as “hey, you’re stealing our assets (for non-profit purposes/personal use). DMCA it is.”

    Next thing you know all the GTA SA HD car mods people have made (the ones that aren’t rips, but rather HD remakes to better fit the HD universe) will get taken down. Maybe T2 will say we can’t use licensed car mods or something either.

    Also, I thought Rockstar didn’t care about this stuff, it’s just they don’t want us fucking with Online is all.

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