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[PLAYER] Mud/blood physics rdr2 like (or near)

  • Is it real to make a mod that will stain the character (at least) and the environment in dirt or blood as it is implemented in RDR2? Unfortunately I am not a master to make a mod like this, but I know that the game uses similar engines. And maybe with different "crutches" is it possible to implement it?

  • i was asking the same thing, i dont think there is something like this tho for some reason, but i did hear about some mods that when you shoot someone the blood gets on your character but i cant find the exact mod i see some people talk about :(

  • In the game files, you can also find a couple of dirt textures on the character - only on the knees

  • intresting

  • No, they were a long time ago - literally in the Menyoo, find decals of damage, etc. on player, and there will be textures of dirt, grass and ... Scraps of the contents of the trash can, if I may say so. But everything is on its knees

  • why didnt someone use this texture

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