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Can I still get the new GTA update cars if I have a modded game?

  • Obviously I can't play online as my game has been modded to hell and back and I don't feel like uninstalling them just to play online. If I download the new update can I still get the new cars and stuff and spawn them in with Menyoo?


  • You can play online even if your game is modded to death.

    If you used a "mods" folder to do replaces and addons, then there is no issue whatsover. Just temporarily rename the file dinput8.dll and play online. When finished rename it back to play SP modded.

    If you did not use a mods folder you can fix that as well - but it will involve moving files from the game folder back to the mods folder - for the replaces. For addons, dlclist.xml etc, the paths AFAIK are always relative.

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