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Add-on car mods cause crash on startup after one successful launch

  • I am installing the Vanillaworks extended pack, and after installing, I can load the game once and mods run perfectly. After that singular successful launch, the game consistently crashes during the "loading story mode" portion of launching. I also know this is a consistent issue because I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it and had the exact same issue. I've tested it before without the add-ons and the trainer works perfectly on its own with no issue. I don't have much experience with modding and thus am not really sure where to start with problem-solving. Does anyone have any idea what I'm missing/doing wrong?

  • @heliosick said in Add-on car mods cause crash on startup after one successful launch:


    Did you check the addon page for comments from other users who might have same or similar issues.
    The author posted this...pinned at top:

    Replace the "content.xml" file found in "\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\vwe_sce\dlc.rpf" with the one linked below and it should fix the crashes.


  • @JohnFromGWN
    That did it! I thought I had done this already but I guess not. Thanks!

  • @heliosick I'm glad. Thanks for letting us know it worked out.

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