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Personal Sandbox Menu

  • This project has moved along nicely - Sandbox Menu (personal trainer) created with Lemon UI.

    • 22 CS files in one solution
    • over 140 vehicle addons, all C# scripted to spawn customized (or customized within Sandbox Menu)
    • all vehicles categorized by brand or function (still a WIP)
    • options to turn radio on or off in vehicles with personal radio set as default
    • over 120 ped addons, all scripted to spawn with component and props - and additionally customized through menu
    • all peds categorized
    • locations (teleport) menu with categories
    • session functions to change player or customize peds including god mod, bodyguard (companion) etc
    • tasks and animations (WIP).

    Also did quite a bit of customization on peds. I have my own addon ped process with 2 addonped folders, each one with 3 rpfs.
    Created variations of peds by combining parts and changing textures. Same with vehicles, converting replacements to addons etc.
    Learned quite a bit in the process, much of it by trial and error.

    UPDATE: This is not a future release mod and it is only a WIP in that I'm still customizing and adding items as I go along without and set plans. If however, anyone needs help on how to create a personal menu/trainer for themselves, I'll be more than happy to help if I can.

  • @JohnFromGWN
    Nice work! And welcome back.

  • @IAmJFry Thanks!

  • This mod was moved here from the General Modding forum but I want to clarify this is only a personal project - not a future release. This is a general modding discussion only which is why it was placed there in the first place. This is a proof of concept for anyone who wants to make a personal trainer and might want help or more info on how to create. Interestingly, if this was mod it would be about a 20GB download!

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