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WARNING. Another update in comming. July 20.

  • @WGotch07

    Does this process work for RDR2? That last update screwed with mods, too.

  • @fredbedhead Not sure, maybe with the Steam version, but I know for sure with the R* Launcher there is no way around the updates. Anyway, the mods work fine on the latest version though.

  • What to back on epic ?
    Im sorry, you probably got a lot of those questions, the thing is every person is saying an answer.. one says backup update.rpf , one says backup SHV .. we need a concrete answer. Otherwise, please be kind and give us an official thread talking about this issue (because I can't seem to find it) thank you

  • @JohnFromGWN
    I have tested and it works great! I am now able to drive around with my G923 Wheel and Shifter. Only Issue that i dont know how it happend is that there is a strange motor rumble when in the car that i dont recall was there. I wonder if its the new GTA update or in the mod.. Very anoying constant sound that does not change with RPM/throttle.. Sound like a tractor.

  • @ziedur If you read the threads, and to clarify the confusion, there are 3 files to backup. Steam or Epic. Having said that it makes sense to backup other files. With respect to Epic, my understanding is that unlike Steam it will keep trying to update, hence you need a bypass mod. Keep in mind that all these steps are temporary fixes until a new SH is released.

  • i have the physical CD's, backed everything up, every time i replace files it wants to redo the update.

  • I keep a storage drive in my computer specifically for GTA5 files. I've backed up every update since the game launched on PC. I have them all right back to version 1.0.323.1 so I can revert to any version necessary. This is for the Rockstar launcher disc version, though. Always good to keep backups.

  • My only problem is that the new cars don't spawn. I get "Error: invalid" when I try to spawn them by name. I reverted my GTAV.exe and update.rpf in the mods folder (but not the other one). And of course I added the new DLC folders to my mods folder and dlclist.xml.

  • Just want to confirm that I can run the updated version from July 20 with the current SH and I only made one change.
    I copied GTA5.exe from the previous build, which I have as a backup, and launched the game.
    What this means is that for the July 20 update only 1 file was necessary to allow you to play without waiting for a SH update.

    However, I have not tested the DLC which I understand from other posts can be done by copying 1 or both of the DLC packs to your update.rpf and then editing your dlclist.xml to add the new DLC. Haven't done this because I have 0 interest in game cars. I prefer real Ferraris!

  • @Dogamizer Good advice.

  • @PermissionToLand I haven't tried to spawn them but have you verified the name in OpenIV - could be different. Also, did you edit dlclist.xml and copy the packs over to u pdate.rpf in your mods folder?

  • @PermissionToLand Doesn't work for me either. I mean my mods and scripts run perfectly, I can see the new cars in OpenIV, but I can't spawn with Menyoo, C# scripts, nor the addon vehicle spawner which I just installed because apparently that does spawn it. The Addon Vehicle Spawner said Los Santos Tuners wasn't available for my version of GTA5 because it saw I was using the previous version of GTA5.exe - which I have to use until SH is updated. so wtf?????

  • @JohnFromGWN Turns out my problem was that I somehow forgot to copy over the dlc1.rpf file.

  • @PermissionToLand So you got to get it to work? One poster said it wasn't necessary to copy over mptuner to your mods folders. I tried it both ways and mptuner already contains dlc.rpf and dlc1.rpf. I tried to spawn using name euros and gator2. What did you do differently?

  • @JohnFromGWN I reverted everything; all of the .exe files and both update.rpfs inside the mods folder and outside. I have mptuner in my mods folder.

  • @PermissionToLand Ok, but what do you mean by reverting update.rpf from your mods folder? That file is not impacted at all by the Steam or Epic update. Why would you revert it?

    Also, please give me an example of a spawn name. Thanks!

  • @JohnFromGWN Oh, well I initially updated it because OIV bugs you about it and I wasn't sure if it would run otherwise. "euros" is a good one because there's no numbers to mix up. I'm not sure what gator2 is supposed to be, did you mean growler?

  • @PermissionToLand It might be growler, lol. So I'm a little confused. If you let OIV copy over your update.rpf, then you lost all your edits to dlclist.xml, no?

  • @JohnFromGWN That was at first. After I couldn't get that to work, I reverted to my modded update.rpf.

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