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Why will my gta 5 not work after installing mods with heapadjuster packfile limiter and the limitlessvehicle mod?

  • Hello. I would like help with a problem that has accured for me. For some reason my gta 5 will not work even after installing heapadjuster, packfile limiter and the limitlessvehicle mod?

  • @Jensen0812 Very likely because your installation went wrong (cause and effect). Uninstall all 3 and install one by one, checking if your game will launch properly.

    What isn't clear is what "will not even work" mean. Do you get an error message, hangs on load, crashes to desktop, etc. Each issue has a separate solution potentially.

    You might not even need the packfile limiter depending on which gameconfig (limitless vehicles - actually that's quite funny) you use.
    The heapadjuster goes in your installation/root folder so you might want to install that first and I would further suggest if you do that to rename your mods folder temporarily so that no mods load. If the game then starts, rename mods back to mod and install the gameconfig.

    If you are using Steam and a mods folder, correct path in OpenIV will be something like:
    MyDriveLetter:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V*mods\update\update.rpf\common\data*

    Only important part is the bolded part because you might be on another path or using R*/Epic.

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