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Removing the ''blood cloud''...

  • Can someone help me to find a way to remove the highly unrealistic and absurdly big blood splash around
    the peds I shoot?

  • @belasto The blood on the screen itself can be removed in your settings.
    For the rest, there is likely settings at the ped level but you would have to look for them or change the blood textures with OpenIV.
    Hopefully someone can tell you which files are editable.

    If you want to try a mod, this might work? Never tried it.

    You can also clear blood in a trainer or a C# function, but I think you're trying to prevent it in the first place or reduce it.

  • I meant the particals that splash around peds immediatley after they're shot, not the wounds or splatter. I don't think you can turn that off in the settings

  • @belasto then you will need to find the textures and delete them or replace them. Do a backup first.

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