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Clothing Mega Add-On Mods?

  • Is there any big/mega add on clothing packs?

  • @T-Rent It would be impossible to do because you can't have a one size fits all approach with different vanilla and/or addon peds.
    There is a menyoo mod with outfits for the MP characters if you use those (I think they suck, but that's just me).


    What you can do with other peds, is create your own textures and then customize an individual model. You might be limited to the number of slots but you can always rename the model. You will need OpenIV and textures will be in the ytd files. You will also need a photo/graphics/imaging software with support (native or plugin) for .dds files (for example paint.net or photoshop with an intel or nvidia plugin).

  • ah i gotcha, and thanks! i didnt know if clothes could be the same thing like with the car add on packs lol, but thanks for the info bud!

  • @T-Rent You can think of ped clothes (includes face, hair, legs, outfits) and ped props (glasses, necklaces, watches, etc) like the customizations for your car addons (wheels, liveries, extras, paints,) etc.

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