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Add-On Car Spawn In Traffic

  • Hi, how do i spawn car add-ons that i installed in my GTA where itll spawn my add-ons instead of the default in the gta cars?

  • @T-Rent There are two principal vehicle mods:

    1. addon mods. With a few exceptions, an addon will simply be 1 folder containing one dlc.rpf. An addon file might have a separate content.xml file or other files but that is rare. You just dump it in your addon folders and edit dlclist.xml. An addon car can be spawned by using a trainer mod such as Menyoo, Simple Trainer, or ENT - or through a script.

    2. replace mods. A replacement does exactly that. It replaces a vehicle from the game (often called a vanilla vehicle) with a modded one. A replacement is not consistent - could be a number of files but usually including 2 fragment files (yft) or just 1 and a texture file (ytd). A replacement can also contain a mods.rpf file and other files. It replaces the original game files - and this should be done in the mods folder, not the original game folder. A replacement mod does not require changes to dlclist.xml.

    So to get back to your question. If the mod is a true "addon" it will not spawn all by itself.
    If the mod is a "replace" then it will replace the vehicle you replaced - which ofc is quite random in GTA traffic.

    So in your case you want replace mods, not addons. However, most mods today are addons, some offering both options (addon and replace in one download).

    Having said that you can convert addons to replace and replace to addons - only if you're technically minded. In fact many mod creators don't know how to do this (or more likely just too lazy), particularly how to package a replacement as an addon - even though the process is documented and definitely not rocket science. There are tutorials on how to do that on these forums and on the internet in general. Shout out if you go this route and need help.

  • @JohnFromGWN ive actually managed to solved my problem with a Youtube video lol, now my real life add on cars spawn in traffic like default cars with the Added Traffic Mod script mod

  • @T-Rent I do give you a Tip mate some add-ons are just to huge in file size and WILL give you crashes frequently stick to replaces for real traffic I have a lot of experience with that hope that helps.

    My Suggestion: 5real
    it's a payed car pack but worth the money can't complain at all completely optimised and configured


  • @T-Rent Good. I don't replace any cars myself, all addons.

  • @JohnFromGWN at first, i thought add-on cars were kinda hard to figure out how to install them, that was years ago when i first started modding gta 5, but now i do it like its nothing, not really that hard, common sense tbh lol

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