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DLL file missing

  • Can anyone give me a backup of a DLL file please just what you have to do is just upload that file to mediafire or anything because it was missing from my game and I don't know I deleted or it just an error and I have epic games gta 5 maybe this information helps you


    @Lol-Bro224 Sharing original game files is forbidden. Since you said you have an Epic Games copy, you just need to verify your game files with the Epic Games launcher and it will restore any missing files.

  • @Lol-Bro224 if you get a dll error and you didnt delete anything its most likely a driver issue


  • @Lol-Bro224 Which dll is missing. If it's your game just verify the integrity as suggested above, if it is a Windows dll, which one?
    Either way, what's the name of the dll?

  • @WGotch07 No idea what that is. Launch? So he can verify integrity, get it out of his recycle bin, or try to do a file recovery with recovery software. Files just don't disappear.

  • Thanks after verifying my game ran successfully

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