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mods not uploading on pc

  • intal mods but not working

  • @ferjavib Nobody can help you unless you provide specifics.
    What did you install, which mod or mods?
    Did you follow the instructions?
    Where did you install it? Did you create a Mods folder? Do you have all the necessary files such as Scripthook installed as well?
    Are you spawning with a trainer?
    The more information the easier it will be to help you.

    Here is an excellent video tutorial:

  • @JohnFromGWN hi I am new to this gtav mods. is my first time i use that video that you recommended. but when I press f8 on the game nothing pop up. I downloaded
    open iv then the mod menyoo pc 1.4.0, didi noth work so i dowloded the Script Hook V like the video says. but no mod menu F8

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